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viraShade free in use

Protection and comfort

Easy DIY face shield, free for non-commercial use.
The easiest and most comfortable DIY face shield against direct splashes yet.

viraShade® free is a DIY face shield, designed to protect against direct splashes or droplets
that may contain viruses, bacteria, blood, other body fluids or certain chemicals. It is
constructed in a few minutes and adjusted in seconds by pulling the elastic headband
outwards. Hereby the shields shape is formed, giving its structural strength, while it is still
flexible and will adjust to any head size and shape, ensuring a perfect fit for all. This makes
the viraShade® free stand out as the most simple and most comfortable free DIY face
shield in its class. Intended to help where there is a shortage of personal protective
equipment protecting against the covid19 virus. Let's fight for human health together!


NOTE: viraShade® free to be worn together with other personal protective equipment (PPE) such as face mask, as viraShade® alone does not provide any filtration of airborne particles.

Printed manual

Fabric elastic band

hight 10-30 mm and 80 cm long

A4/US letter size transparet plastic Thickness 0,15 mm - 0,5 mm

Scissor and knife


All you need is...
How to do
make a face shield in a few minutes:
ViraShade free in use
Yes, it is that simple. Download free manual A4:
viraShade free - manual A4 20200409.png
danish design by mencke&vagnby
Danish design and innovation.
When our everyday life was put on a hold due to the COVID19 pandemic, we had to rethink solutions for human health
This is our contribution.
mencke&vagnby - designers
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