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Designers Karina Mencke and Marcus Vagnby (mencke&vagnby) designs two new face shields under the names viraShade® m-frame and viraShade® free.

“As industrial designers during the covid19 pandemic, only developing designs of everyday objects lost its significance. So we turned our focus to personal protective equipment and found, that the face shield could make a difference to keep the medical staff safe and comfortable while fighting for the lives of their patients.


In ten days we have developed two face shields. Both are ready for production.”

• The viraShade® m-frame is designed for maximum comfort and protection. Ready to use for professionals. Medical staff should waste no precious time to assemble the product.

• The viraShade® free is free to use for non-commercial purposes, free of charge for private individuals, nursing homes and medical personnel in the fight against the covid19 outbreak. It takes
minutes to make and provides good protection with high comfort. Can be made from overhead foil.

To get viraShade® m-frame to market and to support sales and delivery, mencke&vagnby teamed up with their longtime partner in Hong Kong, the Danish-owned International Design House Ltd.

mencke&vagnby designers

Karina Mencke and Marcus Vagnby



Do you provide International delivery?


Yes, but only for bigger quantities. Contact sales for more information.

Can i produce and sell on a licence?


Yes, please contact sales to discuss. We do licence out our IP rights, both for manufactures but also for regions and governments, to manufacture in a given area. Minimum licence length is three years. Contact us to learn more.


Do you sell for private use?


Not at the moment. MOQ is 10.000 pcs. But you can make you own viraShade® Free see:

I produce packaging. Can i be a partner?

Most likely, if you got die cutting capacity and manpower for assembly. Contact sales to discuss.

Can the shield be changed on viraShade®?


Yes on the viraShade® m-frame the shield can be taken off for cleaning or replacement. Expanding the lifetime of the product and thereby cutting the overall cost. On ViraShade® free the elastic band can easily be taken out to wash/clean and reused on a new shield.


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