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viraShade in use

Maximum protection 

and comfort.

Yet small in storage size.
The most comfortable face shield against direct splashes yet.

viraShade® m-frame is a flat-packed face shield, designed to protect against direct splashes
or droplets that may contain viruses, bacteria, blood, other body fluids or certain chemicals.
It is unfolded in seconds by pulling the elastic headband. Hereby the m-frame is formed, giving the shield its outstanding structural strength, while it is still flexible, and will
adjust to any head size and shape, ensuring a perfect fit for all. This makes the viraShade®
m-frame stand out, as the smallest and most comfortable face shield in class.

viraShade CE
CE 2777 (EU) 2016/425

Room for all 

mask sizes

The shield clicks

off for easy cleaning

or replacement 

Easy adjustment of headband

Wide elastic headband for maximum comfort

Room for glasses



CE marked:

CE 2777 (EU) 2016/425

viraShade m-frame activated
The magic of the m-frame.
Flat while stored, flexible and comfortable
when used.
The power of simplicity.
Unfolded in seconds.
Ann SH.jpg
viraShade - the most comfortable face shield.
The most comfortable face shield I have tried.
Easy to use and to adjust!
Ann Lund-Rundqvist - Nurse
viraShade - GREAT Produck - Ingo Svare
Matilde Benda_sh.jpg
Matilde Benda.jpg
viraShade is second to none.
Incredibly comfortable.
Does not limit my work at all.
Matilde Benda - Hairdresser
The viraShade is a great product that covers all our needs. 

And it is surprisingly comfortable to wear.

Ingo Svare - Dentist
Focusing on the customer is a top priority for Klinik Liso. We find ViraShade protects optimally and is very comfortable to wear.
Majbritt Gundestrup - cosmetic specialist nurse
Yes, it is that simple.
Vira shade manual 20200427-white.png
Stay focused with a clear view.
Change or clean the shield in seconds.
IMG_1841 (1) background.jpg
Antifog ventilated.
With room for all face mask sizes,
and for wearing glasses.
Adjust the angle
viraShade m-frame fit 20201120 white.png
Align the face shield so it is parallel to your face, and so it covers your chin.
Don't have the face shield angled, as a big distance from chin to shield will reduce the efficiency.
viraShade® m-frame at a glance:

Optimal protection

The viraShade® m-frame´s shield protects against direct splashes, or droplets that may contain viruses, bacteria, blood, other body fluids. It also protects against  chemicals. The shield sits tight to the sides of your head for even better protection.

anti fog.png

Antifog ventilated

The shield is kept close to the sides of your head, to ensure maximum protection when worn, and still the front is nicely curved away from your forehead, allowing a good antifog airflow in the construction.


Room for all you need

There is both room for wearing glasses in the construction, as well as room for your desired face mask. 


CE for Covid-19

Full testing and marking for Covid-19

CE 2777 (EU) 2016/425 EN166

Your quality insurance.


The m-frame

The design registered m-frame construction unfolds in seconds when needed. It makes the super light front shield stable, and in combination with the flexible construction, it ensures a perfect fit on every head shape and size.


Light construction

The shield is made as thin as possible, to achieve its high comfort when worn. This is possible due to the m-frame and the elastic band, ensuring a lightweight and stable construction.


Changeable shield

Another outstanding feature is the changeable shield, allowing you to replace it, when it is contaminated or simply scratched by a long day at work. Extending the life of the product from single use, up to a month. You can also simply click it off for daily cleaning.


Clear view

A clear view is ensured through the lightweight PET shield, with spherical, astigmatic and astigmatic reflective powers: Class 1


Breathable headband

The viraShade® elastic bands are similar to those used in underwear, having an open structure, so your skin can breathe during long working hours. With that, we can provide a comfortable and yet super stable construction, so you can focus on your task at hand, and stay safe.


Easy adjustment

The elastic band is easily tightened or loosened with its simple adjuster, so the fit can conveniently be adapted to your liking. The construction allows a quite low tension in the elastic band for your comfort, yet ensuring the shield to stay perfectly in place.


Small in storage

Big in advantages when unfolded. The small storage size makes the viraShade m-frame optimal during transportation and storage.


You will like it!

viraShade® is widely liked by its users, for its level of protection, it's comfortable fit, fast assembling and easy adjustment.



Weight 42 grams

Shield size: width 29cm, height 20cm, weight 42 grams.

Dedicating room for writing the name of the user.

CE Certification

Open CE certificate as pdf.


EN166 Full testing Covid-19 Face-Shields: Open report as pdf.

Chemical innocuousness testing EN ISO 13688:2013 Open report as pdf.​



M-frame and adjuster: PP

Shield: PET

Elastic Band: Polyester: 71%, Spandex: 29%

M-frame pad: EVA


The face shield can be cleaned with a dry cloth. It can be sterilised by rubbing alcohol/surgical spirit, wipe with a dry cloth.

NOTE: Small scratches may occur while cleaning, reducing the optical quality of the Face Shield,  always discard product or replace the Face Shield when scratched or damaged.


The elastic headband, the m-frame, the EVA pad and the adjuster can be cleaned by soaking in alcohol/surgical spirit. Let it dry before use.

NOTE: We recommend you to remove the face shield before cleaning, for the best result.


Use only with front shield attached!

Only to be used against liquids or dust.

Shield is not impact resistant.

Do not use it as protection against heat, open flames or sparks.


viraShade® m-frame is to be worn together with other personal protective equipment (PPE), such as a face mask, since viraShade® alone does not provide any filtration of airborne particles.

Disposable face shield made for one time use, can be used over a longer time if the circumstances allow it.

designers mencke&vagnby
Danish design and innovation.
When our everyday life was put on a hold, due to the COVID19 pandemic, we had to rethink solutions to protect human healthThis is our contribution.
mencke&vagnby - designers
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